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Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program

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What Is The Ultra Lite Program?

Ultra Lite is a fat burning Program.

The Ultra Lite program is a balanced protein and modified carbohydrate eating plan. It is centred on eating 3 meals a day, making the correct food choices and portion size that will ensure that the body will burn fat.

The program is supported by 4 sachet supplements ( not meal replacements ), available in 7 different flavours. The sachets combine vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids and are taken between meals as a snack. This assists in stabilising blood sugar levels, thus curbing cravings.

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How Does Ultra Lite Work

Ultra Lite is a ketogenic diet. This means that when you are eating a balance of protein and carbohydrate foods, your body burns stored fat as your energy fuel. This process is called ketosis.

Ultra Lite corrects the balance of protein and carbohydrates in today’s diet, whilst also addressing hormonal and blood sugar weight-related issues.

Who Can Use Ultra Lite?

Ultra Lite is a very safe program that is based on eating real food. There are very few health conditions where the program would not be suitable.

Why Choose Ultra Lite?

  • Lose excessive body fat rapidly
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • One on one Naturopathic support with Linda
  • No meal replacements
  • Eat 3 balanced meals per day – real, wholesome, natural food
  • No cravings
  • Stabilises blood sugars – suitable for diabetics
  • Detoxify your system
  • Improved digestion
  • Clearer skin
  • Sharper mind
  • Improved memory
  • The Ultra Lite Manual and Recipe Book provides over 100 delicious recipes and lists allowable foods.
  • Provides assistance in maintaining goal weight for life.
  • Health fund rebates still available with certain health funds under weight loss. Check with your health fund.

What Are The Payment Options?

There are 3, 5 and 10 week Weight Loss Programs available.

All programs include:

  • Initial consultation with bioimpedance analysis ( measures fat mass, muscle mass, biological age, hydration levels and cellular energy. )
  • Follow up consultations
  • Manual and Recipe Book
  • Sachets
  • Potassium supplement ( Fresh Starter Kit )
  • Ketostix ( to measure fat burning )

Weekly payment options are also available.

How Do I Maintain My Weight Loss?

Once you achieve your weight loss goal, it is then recommended that you begin the Lifetime Maintenance Program. This is where you consolidate your knowledge of food values, portion sizes and reintroduces foods that were previously restricted. The Lifetime Maintenance Program will provide you with the skills and knowledge for permanent weight loss.

Getting The Weight Off Is One Thing, Keeping It Off Is Ultra Lite

Don’t Delay! Start Today!

Take your first step toward a healthier you!

Achieve the body shape you have always wanted, feel better, and achieve optimal health.

Mthfr Gene Test

The MTHFR gene is a key enzyme required to metabolise homocysteine. Mutations of the MTHFR gene cause elevated blood levels of homocysteine. Genetic testing is now available to test for specific defects in the methylation pathway of folic acid conversion –which leads to high homocysteine levels.

Clinical Relevance

High blood levels of homocysteine are recognised as a risk factor for:

  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Venous thrombosis and stroke


  • A migraine
  • Neural tube defects
  • Stillbirth
  • Spontaneous / recurrent miscarriage
  • Depression
  • Autism spectrum disorders


Disclaimer: The Testimonials on this website do not constitute a guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of any consultation. The testimonials on this website represent the anecdotal experience of individual consumers. Individual experiences are not a substitute for scientific research.

After having tried every diet known to man, and at 64 yrs. old I was always tired confused and overweight with no motivation to diet. I was referred to Linda by a friend who had lost a lot of weight and looked fabulous.
What I learnt was that everyone is different and one diet doesn’t fit all! Linda gave me all the appropriate tests, and after some discussion announced that I was borderline diabetic, she suggested and started me on the Ultra Lite program.
I found it very easy as I was eating normal food and I could live with this even when I went out socially. I saw the weight come off regularly and lost 15 kilos in a very short time, in that time I met with Linda regularly, changed my bad food habits and I could see the changes in my physical body but also internally on the screen when Linda did the tests at the end of the program. I recommended the Ultra Lite program to my diabetic brother in Sydney who found the program very helpful in losing weight, re-educating himself and being able to control his diabetes better.
My 90-year-old housebound mother was having trouble with chronic fluid retention in both legs and also living in Sydney I made an appointment for her to see Linda during her next visit to Melbourne at Christmas. Once again Linda carried out all the appropriate tests and my mother could see for herself on the screen the state of her blood etc. this made a profound effect on her that she took all the medication that Linda gave her and lost 22 kilos, her general health returned and the fluid in the legs reduced considerably, now every Christmas when she comes to Melbourne she has an appointment with Linda who monitors how she is going.
I have recommended Linda to all my friends and family and everyone cannot speak highly enough about her professional integrity and knowledge of relevant health issues. I now see Linda regularly as I would my medical doctor when I have any health issues, one is a quick fix and the other is more preventative, I find that both forms of medicine complement each other.

Thank you, Linda, for adding so much value to the life of myself my family and friends.

Antoinette Brydon*

Consulting with Linda was the best thing I have ever done. I had been overweight for 20 years. On Linda’s weight control program I lost 15 kg’s in 15 weeks. I also suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Going on Linda’s diet program eliminated IBS symptoms and gave me a feeling of well being. Linda supported me through with a positive attitude and attention to my general health. I would recommend anyone trying to lose weight and to improve their general health to visit Linda Cotone.

M Moxam*

Linda has been a true and inspirational friend, as a Naturopath, assisting me on my journey. Constantly reassuring me and showing genuine concern with her ongoing support, I have managed to maintain a realistic perception on the journey of understanding weight loss and it’s relationship with the state of mind. I am discovering a new relationship with my body and working towards feeding it to avoid bloating, tiredness and maintaining a wholesome healthy lifestyle.
Linda’s vast knowledge, understanding and concern about Women’s Health and Issues is making the experience even more valuable and personalised for me. I am grateful for the day I made the effort to check the local paper and saw an ad to Linda’s clinic and decided I wanted ‘changes’. She is delightful, inspirational, approachable and genuinely caring. I am still on my journey, I can feel the changes, mentally and physically. The Journey will be forever.

Thank you so much, Linda, you provide realistic programs and you design them according to the needs of individuals.




No. On Ultra Lite you are given the necessary tools/ education that you require to maintain your weight for your life. You are taught about food and portion sizes that the body actually requires.

Is it safe to lose weight quickly?

Your metabolism will control the rate of your weight loss and will not let you lose more than you can handle.

Are there any contraindications?

The diet is not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding. If you have any medical conditions it’s always best to check with your Medical Practitioner prior to commencing the diet.

Do I continue to take my prescribed medication and supplements?

Yes you can continue with any supplements you have been taking and do not stop any prescribed medications.

What is in the sachets and do I really need to take them?

The sachets contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids ( protein ). Each sachet is approximately equivalent to a glass of whole milk without the fat and lactose content. They are there to maintain blood sugar levels and alleviate cravings.

I have a family; will it be difficult to do this program?

No! This program is very easy to manage if you cook for a family. You don’t have to cook separate meals and your family will benefit from a healthier eating plan.

This program puts you into ketosis. Is this dangerous?

On the Ultra Lite program the body is placed into a state of dietary ketosis. This is totally safe and effective method of losing weight. When the body is in ketosis, you will not feel hungry. People often confuse ketosis with ‘ketoacidosis’ which is a life-threatening condition in diabetics.

Can I still go out for dinner?

Absolutely! There is always something to order from a restaurant that will not interfere with the Ultra Lite program. For example steak/ chicken/ fish combined with vegetables or salads but be wary of dressings and sauces.

Can I exercise while on the program?

Yes it is recommended that you exercise at least four times per week for 40 minutes.

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