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Naturopathy Testimonials*


The Testimonials on this website do not constitute a guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of any consultation. The testimonials on this website represent the anecdotal experience of individual consumers. Individual experiences are not a substitute for scientific research.

Last time I saw a Naturopath that changed my life was 18 years ago. I never thought I would find someone that not only was extremely qualified and compassionate about health but also loved helping and healing people. Then I meet Linda and she surpasses all expectations. Being a mum of 4 young kids, I was run down. Linda helped me detox and re-energise. She also motivated me to start exercising again. I feel so much better and it’s all thanks to Linda.

Irene Brown*

I wish to take this moment to thank you for your enormous help and understanding in devising a weight loss program that is suitable for me.

Not only did you cover my weight loss but also health issues e.g. fatty liver, which only after 6 weeks on the supplement program I had a blood test and my liver readings and sugar readings were all normal. The supplements are fantastic, they actually do work.

I feel great even though I still have weight to lose, but you have given me the confidence that I will reach my goal weight.
Once you reach 50+ the weight just doesn’t come off, no matter how many fad diets you do, I just got heavier and heavier. My New year ‘s resolution was to see a Naturopath and I researched on the web and came across your site, what made me choose you was the tertiary education you actually have a Bachelor of Applied Science as well as many diplomas. I was confident that you knew what you were talking about.

Linda, thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the confidence that weight loss is achievable, I will continue to take my supplements, and I enjoy coming to your clinic.


Up until six months ago, my husband was your typical 49-year-old tradesman – a little overweight but he thought himself pretty healthy.

He would eat a full pub lunch every day, come home have a couple of cans of beer to wind down, another couple with his dinner of some sort of meat & always with chips & peas, and then have another couple of beers watching TV. Then a severe bout of gout changed all that – he tried everything the doctor could give him but nothing worked. He even stopped drinking for a day or two but that made no difference.

So in his desperate state, I was able to convince him to see Linda. He was very sceptical and the first thing he said to her was I’m not stopping drinking beer – I enjoy it. So Linda listened and instead of saying ” well you have to” – she was astute enough to try a different tact. She told him that if we could control his diet then he could still enjoy a beer – in moderation. So he left – armed with detox power, fish oil & a natural anti-inflammatory. To give him credit – he modified his diet straight away – no red meat -lots of vegetables, no potatoes or white bread & even mid-strength beer.

Now six months later he eats an almost vegetarian diet – except for the occasional chicken, doesn’t eat processed foods, eats only organic vegetables – and he still drinks beer – but the difference is his gout is gone, he has lost 3 kg, sleeps better doesn’t feel bloated & has loads of energy. Linda was brilliant – the difference is she listened & tailored his treatment to suit his lifestyle and not the other way around. She preached moderation and set guidelines and he was able to adapt those to suit him and learn himself what he could eat & the “magic potions” she gave him have helped him to live a healthier lifestyle – and now he is her biggest advocate telling anyone who will listen how she changed his life.

Rita & Garry Buckley*

I am 15 years of age and suffered greatly with severe period pain causing vomiting and diarrhoea for several hours on the first day. It was suggested that I visit Linda Cotone for a consultation. Since undertaking a course of herbal medicine over a 6 month period I have had increasing improvement with my periods and no longer suffer any signs of vomiting or diarrhoea and am now pain-free. I have found Linda to be caring, understanding and a wealth of information and cannot recommend her high enough

C Ford*

After seven years of searching for natural remedies for Crohn’s disease (with only temporary relief and still requiring various pharmaceutical medication), I was introduced to Linda. Linda’s background in medical laboratory science combined with qualifications in natural medicine and a passion to assist people with their health has made Linda a talented practitioner. Currently, I am experiencing good health and have been able to stop taking one of the two pharmaceutical medications that I had relied upon for years. Linda has a holistic approach to health recommending the supplements that are required (without costing hundreds of dollars), encourages a nutritional diet, stress reduction and offers support at all times. I have tried many Naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioners in the past without success. I thank Linda for my journey back to good health.

T Mitcham*

Over the past 18 months, I have been seeing Linda Cotone for numerous ailments from a simple cold to hormonal problems, and have always had excellent results. Linda is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She is always the first practitioner I would see when in need. I would have no problems recommending Linda. She not only is very good at what she does, she cares a great deal about getting it right. The Hema-view (Live Blood Screening) is absolutely amazing. To think I could view my blood immediately from one drop of blood and Linda could tell me what was wrong. It really validates Linda’s treatment plan and strategy.

M Orfanidis*

Thank you, Linda, for giving me my life back, and allowing me to get back to my daily duties as a wife and mother.

Over the past few years, Linda has helped me through some major health crises, helped me maintain my health and understanding my body and make some necessary “work style “adjustments.
Linda has a breadth and depth of skills and a wonderful capacity to analyse complex issues and to stage treatment to achieve great outcomes. She is thoroughly supportive and reassuring.

L Fletcher*

I first came to see Linda on the 8th of April, 2010. Prior to that date at the start of November 2009 I kept having terrible cramps in my upper abdominal area and was very bloated to the point of physically looking 7 months pregnant, I didn’t think much of it at the time,I just presumed that it was something I ate, until I became very ill on the 25th December 2009. We had gone away to our holiday home in St. Leonards (which is out past Geelong) I had numbness in my arms and legs and was struggling to breathe and felt my heart rate was racing really fast and then the next thing I knew I had collapsed on the floor and was unable to move physically and found it difficult to speak. I presumed due to the lead up to Christmas I must have been very tired so I went to bed that evening, the following morning I still felt very lethargic and my heart rate was still racing but coming and going and then once again that afternoon I collapsed again. So my husband took me to Geelong Hospital and they thought originally that I was having a heart attack. So they placed monitors on my chest and other parts of my body and also ran further tests which included ultrasound, X-rays, blood & urine tests and all the results came back normal. The doctor’s conclusion was that I was having anxiety/panic attacks.

Once we returned back to our Melbourne home, I then went to visit my family doctor and he once again ran the same tests that the Geelong Hospital did and they all came back normal, but in regards to the bloating of the stomach he requested that I have a gastroscopy which was performed 3 weeks later, the doctor performing this procedure said to me that it was in my head and that I had psychological issue and not physical issues and I kept reiterating to him that there was a lot of pain and the bloating was uncomfortable and uncontrollable. Once I received the results they found that I had Helicobacter (which is a bacteria in the stomach), the doctor prescribed very strong medication which involved 8 tablets a day for 10 days and then I had to take the same tablets again after 3 weeks of finishing the first course.

The bloating came down a lot but the panic attacks were still lingering and would flare up a week and a half before my period was due. I once again informed my family doctor of all this and he suggested that I take änti depressants as it will help with the serotonin in my brain, and I told my doctor that I’m not feeling depressed, but I decided to seek a natural alternative, so I made a call to a friend of mine whom I have known for a very long time and she has known Linda Cotone for a very long time also. She gave me her number and I then made the call which changed my life until today.

Linda’s amazing knowledge, expertise and un-endless passion of natural medicine has realigned me spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally to where I was before I became very ill, she did get to the core of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. I no longer have any bloating and I have not had any anxiety/panic attacks since December 2010 and have now dropped a whole dress size in 12 months.

Karen Hawkes*

Linda Cotone of Melbourne Naturopathy is easily the most inspirational, knowledgeable, honest and caring Naturopaths I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Linda has a deep understanding of both health and medical issues. She is a knowledgeable professional always keeping up with the latest research and methods of healing. Her experience in many areas of health, wellbeing and medical issues is extensive and with her assistance, I am a healthier and lighter person.

Linda always takes the time to review test results and explain their effect on your health and is always happy to tailor any health-related treatment and weight loss treatment to your needs. She makes her own evaluations and suggestions which suit you and your lifestyle.

I am grateful to her for listening to my concerns and addressing my health and weight loss needs need’s in a caring fashion.
It is always a pleasure going to see Linda and without her, I have no idea where my health would be.

Sandra Costanzo*

My experience of Linda is of an exceptional practitioner who combines an astute scientific mind with a caring and compassionate attitude towards her clients. Her assessments are thorough and skilled and she conveys great passion for her work. She brings energy and clarity to a complex field, and I would have no hesitation recommending her to my family and closest friends.

Vicki Halik*

I visited Linda at Melbourne Naturopathy, on the glowing recommendation of my good friend who sees Linda when her health is deficient. I had been finding it impossible to wake up in the morning, relying on strong coffee to open my eye’s and feeling like I’ve been dragging around lead boots that longer than I can even recall. My weight gain was getting me down and it felt like for the last 20 years, on and off, a stomach ache was a foregone conclusion no matter what I ate.

I had an eye-opening first consultation with Linda about the true state of my health. I would normally consider myself a fairly healthy person as I am vegan, I don’t have a sweet tooth and generally exercise regularly, I felt I had a pretty good grasp on how to be healthy but didn’t realise how far from that place I’d gotten to. I guess living in a sluggish daze really exacerbated my condition.

The care Linda took to listen to my ailments, uncover symptoms and to explain to me the deficiencies I had and why and how they related to my symptoms and overall health, made me confident that when she said she’d make me better- she would!
I’m still early on in my treatment but the changes to the quality of life I’m experiencing since seeing Linda 2 months ago are dramatic! I feel infinitely better, I am comfortable in my body, not just due to a little weight loss, but physically the way I feel not being bloated, not dragging myself around half asleep and sluggish, it’s truly changed my life!

Thanks, Linda, I look forward to continuing to learn how to be the healthiest person I can be, with you enthusiastic guidance!
Best Regards,

Emina Dzananovic*


The Testimonials on this website do not constitute a guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of any consultation. The testimonials on this website represent the anecdotal experience of individual consumers. Individual experiences are not a substitute for scientific research.

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