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Children’s Health

Children’s Health

Day to day we are bombarded with so many mixed messages about how to look after our kids. People tell us our children are overweight, not focused, slow learners or bad eaters.

There is also no shortage of different ideas on how to “best” raise our children. One simple fact is for certain; kids do have special health requirements and need specific remedies for their specific needs.

At Melbourne Naturopathy We Specialise In Supporting Kid’s Needs, Including:

  • Fussy Eaters
  • Upset tummies
  • Colds and flu
  • Attention deficit problems & Autism
  • Bed Wetting
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Growing pains
  • Study stress

Linda also understands that getting kids to take medicines or supplements can be a struggle! To overcome this she uses a range of supplements that taste great and are versatile.

Here Are Some Ideas That Linda Gives To Parents To Help Their Children Get The Benefit Of Great Nutrition:

  • Our kid’s supplements may be taken straight off the spoon: they taste like a sherbet treat
  • They can be mixed into water or juice and frozen into ice-blocks
  • Sprinkle the formulas into yoghurt
  • Blend with fruit or other flavours to make a smoothie

Contact the clinic to make an appointment to discuss how Linda can assist your child to achieve their potential. And if you find it a struggle to keep up with your kids, we’ll be happy to help you with that

Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD / ADHD )

ADHD is the most common behavioural disorder in children. It affects approximately 5 to 10 % of children. ADHD is characterised by different levels of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity and/ or significant academic, social and emotional problems.


Autism is another common childhood problem affecting the brain. It is less common but is becoming more widespread. This neurodevelopmental condition is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, restricted interests and repetitive behaviour.

Natural Medicine Can Help

If you child has a learning disability, behavioral problem or other disorder affecting the brain, Linda at Melbourne Naturopathy can help by complementing any existing treatments with specific recommendations for dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and key natural supplements. Linda will provide an individualized treatment plan that will help support healthy brain function, learning and behavioral in children.

Colds & Flus In Children

As every parent knows, having a sick child is certainly not fun and on top of that, it can impact on the health and wellbeing of the whole family. Whether it’s due to sleepless nights, sickness spreading through the whole family, or needing time off school or work, sickness can take its toll. It is vital for children’s immune systems to be in tip-top shape to deal with whatever bugs are thrown their way, be it bacteria, viruses or allergens. So if your kids are getting sick with regular colds and flu’s, then make it a priority to boost up their immunity and bring them back into balance.

You are not alone when it comes to childhood conditions. Children are constantly being exposed to bugs and viruses, particularly when attending childcare or playing with other children.

How Can Natural Medicine Help

Linda the Naturopath at Melbourne Melbourne Naturopathy can help boost your child’s immune system by improving digestion, recommending dietary and lifestyle changes and using specific immune enhancing herbs and nutrients.

Build up your child’s immune system and set them up for a healthier, happier year, with less sickness and more fun and play!

Today about what steps you can take to boost your child’s immune system. These may include improving digestion, following a healthy diet and lifestyle and using specific immune enhancing herbs and nutrients. Build up your kid’s immunity and set them up for a healthier, happier year with less sickness and more fun and play!

Constipation – Children

Constipation is a common problem in children.

Constipation is generally described as infrequent bowel movements or the passage of hard stools.

In most cases, childhood constipation develops when the child begins to associate pain with defecation, and the child withholds stools in an attempt to avoid discomfort. As stool withholding continues, the rectum gradually accommodates and the normal urge to defecate gradually disappears. The infrequent passage of very large and hard stool reinforces the child’s association of pain with defecation, resulting in worsening stool retention and progressively more abnormal defecation dynamics with anal sphincter spasm.

Natural Medicine Can Help

Linda the Naturopath at Melbourne Naturopathy provides natural treatment for constipation in children through the use of natural supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes. The treatment will provide symptomatic relief from constipation, ensure that the child is passing soft stools to avoid pain, as well as treating the underlying cause of the problem, to restore harmony and balance.

Eczema – Children

Eczema refers to a group of chronic skin disorders that primarily involve the epidermis of the skin.

Atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis ) is the most prevalent eczema seen in children: it affects 10-20% of infants. Affected children exhibit dry, itchy skin with eruptions.

Causes Of Childhood Eczema

  • The family history of allergies
  • Personal history of allergies
  • Digestive disorders
  • Dysbiosis and/or liver toxicity
  • Exposure to environmental allergens and/or toxic compounds
  • Nutritional deficiencies – especially EFA’s
  • Excessive consumption of fruit – especially citrus fruits
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Lack of sleep

Signs And Symptoms

  • Dry, red, inflamed skin lesions that appear on face, neck, trunk and particularly flexures of elbows and knees.
  • Itching and/or oozing and crusting of lesions.
  • Blistering of skin, particularly on the hands and feet.
  • Skin can become wet and weepy if it gets infected.


Linda at Melbourne Naturopathy can help with the symptoms of eczema through dietary advice, lifestyle changes and natural supplements that will provide symptomatic, relief, decrease inflammation and treatment the underlying causes.

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