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Naturopathy for Thyroid

Naturopathy for Thyroid

It is a butterfly-shaped gland, situated in the front part of your neck, which produces hormones needed for normal metabolism. This regulate our metabolic rate and how fast or slow our organs and tissues function. Disordered function, therefore, upsets the whole rhythm of the body.

Dysfunction can cause a number of different symptoms. This problems can affect weight, energy levels, appetite and mood; but the effects will be different depending on whether the gland is over-functioning or under functioning.


Hyperthyroidism is a state of over-activity of the gland with excessive production of hormones and an increased metabolic rate – it’s as if the drums that set the rhythm for our bodies have sped up too much and are making everything function too fast. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism can include:

  • Feeling hot and intolerant of hot weather
  • Weight loss
  • Anxiety, restlessness and insomnia
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Fine tremors of the fingers
  • High blood pressure


Hypothyroidism, on the other hand, is a state of under-activity of the gland with an underproduction of hormone – as if the drums have slowed down and the beat that is running how our body functions are too slow. When your body does not produce enough of the hormone, the body’s metabolism slows so much that you can experience symptoms such as:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Weight gain
  • Intolerance to cold weather
  • Brittle hair
  • Slow heart rate
  • A croaky, hoarse voice

The good news is that there are many herbal remedies and nutrients available to help improve the activity of hypothyroidism and have a calming effect with hyperthyroidism.

By combining the wisdom of nutrition and herbal medicine we can assist in the management of conditions, helping you feel your best.

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