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Allergies & Sinusitis


For some people, spring is a time of misery, as flowering plants set off their hay fever, sinusitis and allergies. Pollen is a key trigger for the allergic response that causes hay fever; other triggers (known as allergens) include grasses, dust and animal dander.

These allergens irritate the nasal passages causing inflammation, increased mucus production, and symptoms such as itchiness, watery eyes, sneezing runny nose and congestion.


Is a painful condition involving inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (hollow spaces around the cheeks and eyes). It may be associated with infection and/ or allergy and is commonly accompanied by headaches, pain and mucus congestion. Unresolved sinusitis can lead to chronic infections lasting weeks or months. The risk factors that increase susceptibility to sinusitis include frequent colds, cigarette smoke, dental disease and nasal polyps.

In allergic conditions like hay fever and sinusitis, one aspect of the immune system becomes overactive and leads to excessive immune activity. This excessive immune activity causes all the signs and symptoms experienced by allergy sufferers.

The standard treatments for allergies, hay fever and sinusitis conditions include steroids, antihistamines and decongestants, which provide symptomatic relief but unfortunately don’t address the underlying immune imbalance.

Reducing Inflammation, Restoring Balance To The Immune System And Supporting Long-Term Immune Health Are Vital For Managing Allergies, Sinusitis And Hay Fever.

Fortunately, there is a range of herbs and nutrients that can help manage symptoms of sinusitis, hay fever and seasonal allergies, as well as restoring balance to the immune system.

An unhealthy digestive system can contribute significantly to allergies, as 70 – 80 % of the total immune system of the body is present in the digestive system. This immune presence helps the body to determine the difference between healthy foods and beneficial bacteria, and toxic substances and harmful organisms – and helps it to then respond appropriately. If the digestive system is full of harmful bacteria and toxic foods, then the immune system will respond by producing inflammation. Eventually, this inflammation leads to allergic problems.

A healthy diet is therefore crucial for long-term management of allergies. Linda may recommend a detoxification program as part of your treatment to improve your digestive health and immune health. She will also recommend other supplements, and dietary and lifestyle changes to help reduce the allergic responses that have been generated.

If Hayfever, Sinusitis And Seasonal Allergies Are Affecting You, You Don’t Have To Put Up With It! Contact Linda Today About Which Treatments Suit Your Needs Best To Bring Your Immune System Back To Balance.

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