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Natural Treatment For Amenorrhea

Natural Fertility

Amennorrhoea is the absence of menses (periods) and rather than a disease in and of itself, it is a symptom of something else. Although amennorrhoea occurs naturally at times, such as during pregnancy or during a transition of lifestyle changes, it can also be an indicator of underlying health issues.

Primary amennorrhoea is defined as the failure of menses to begin once a woman reaches 16 years of age, whereas secondary amennorrhoea is the defined by an absence of menses for three or more consecutive normal menstrual cycles, in a woman who has previously experienced cyclical menses. For women with irregular periods, amennorrhoea is considered after six months of missing periods.

Both primary and secondary amennorrhoea are uncommon, affecting between 0.1% and 4% of women.

Though there are exceptions, primary amennorrhoea is often the result of chromosomal irregularities leading to primary ovarian insufficiency or anatomic abnormalities, such as Turner syndrome or Müllerian agenesis.

Secondary Amennorrhoea alone is not harmful to your health; however, the underlying causes of amennorrhoea could create complications if left untreated.

Most Common Causes Of Secondary Amennorrhoea:

  • Ovarian failure (premature menopause)
  • Elevated prolactin levels
  • Inadequate estrogen production
  • Chronic lack of ovulation (due to PCOS or other causes)
  • Low body weight/low body fat

How can Melbourne Naturopathy provide a natural treatment of amennorrhoea?

Linda can help regulate cycles by taking a detailed case history to determine the cause of the of the irregularity and correcting this to restore balance. This will involve the use of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes and hormone testing.

Depending on your situation, Linda will work with you to balance hormones to assist with regulating your cycle as well as treat any relative stress and digestion issues that may be contributing.

For those who are underweight or are over-exercising, Linda can assist with increasing weight and fat mass. Conversely, she can help improve body composition for those who are overweight or obese.

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