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Naturopath Melbourne

Naturopathy is an approach to wellness that harnesses the body’s own innate ability to heal itself with the aid of natural remedies, nutritional counselling, and lifestyle changes.

\Working with you to address your health goals and concerns, we will use various assessment techniques and treatments to restore balance and harmony, giving you the best possible quality of life and assist in the prevention of disease.

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Melbourne Naturopathy

“We are a Medibank Private Members’ Choice Provider for Remedial Massage, giving you cheaper rates and higher rebates”

“Health rebates available for nutrition with some of the health funds.”


Shake It Program

Take control of your life and shake your weight off with the shake-it weight loss program.

Ultra-Lite Program

Getting the weight off is one thing, keeping it off is ultra-lite. Don’t delay! Start today!

Body Shaping Program

This program is quick and easy to follow, and the results are phenomenal.

Weight Loss Programs

The Diet Programs That Work

Weight and image are big issues within today’s society and as such has given birth to fad diets which simply don’t work or are not long-term and sustainable.

Here at Melbourne, we have several weight loss programs that will help you shed those excess kilos and keep it off. Reclaim your life, become healthier and happier, and achieve the body you have always wanted or once had gimmick-free.

With several years of experience as a naturopath around Preston, Linda has a number of weight loss programs to fit the requirements of the various lifestyles of the patients.

If you are not sure which weight loss program is suitable for you, Linda will guide you to choose the most appropriate program to help you achieve your goal weight.

Natural Fertility Melbourne

Women’s Health

There are myriad factors that can impact the menstrual cycle affecting different people in different ways. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental factors, poor liver and thyroid function, gut dysbiosis, IBS, and nutritional deficiencies can disrupt hormone balance. This can lead to many hormonal conditions such as:

 Natural Fertility Dysmenorrhoea
 Endometriosis Premenstrual Syndrome
 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Uterine Fibroids
 Amenorrhoea Menopause

Linda strives to improve the health and well-being of women through realistic dieting and lifestyle plans designed to restore routine, regularity and confidence amongst her clients.

Qualified Practitioner

As a qualified Health Science’s Practitioner, Linda also specialises in health screening and utilises comprehensive tools to help develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your overall health.

Linda Cotone

Linda provides natural, dietary-based solutions for all different lifestyles in the surrounding northern suburbs.


Our Happy Clients
Linda and the staff at Melbourne naturopathy are amazing! Linda has helped me through healing my gut and had solved my gut and hormonal issues I was having. She is so knowledgeable and supportive and has really made sure to get me back to feeling great again. Couldn’t recommend her enough!
Chloe Madigan

I went to Linda about a month ago as I had really bad gut issues. She was genuinely interested in finding a fix to my problem and asked me alot of questions to properly diagnose my issue. She gave me some herbal medicine and some other vitamins and within a couple of days the pain was gone. I would highly recommend Linda!
Kuhan Supramaniam

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