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Last time I saw a naturopath that changed my life was 18 years ago. I never thought I would find someone that not only was extremely qualified and compassionate about health but also loved helping and healing people. Then I meet Linda and she surpasses all expectations. Being a mum of 4 young kids, I was run down. Linda helped me detox and re-energise. She also motivated me to start exercising again. I feel so much better and it’s all thanks to Linda.

Irene Brown*

I wish to take this moment to thank you for your enormous help and understanding in devising a weight loss program that is suitable for me.

Not only did you cover my weight loss but also health issues e.g. fatty liver, which only after 6 weeks on the supplement program I had a blood test and my liver readings and sugar readings were all normal. The supplements are fantastic, they actually do work.

I feel great even though I still have weight to lose, but you have given me the confidence that I will reach my goal weight. Once you reach 50+ the weight just doesn’t come off, no matter how many fad diets you do, I just got heavier and heavier. My New year ‘s resolution was to see a Naturopath and I researched on the web and came across your site, what made me choose you was the tertiary education you actually have a Bachelor of Applied Science as well as many diplomas. I was confident that you knew what you were talking about.
Linda, thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the confidence that weight loss is achievable, I will continue to take my supplements, and I enjoy coming to your clinic.

C. Chiarelli*

Up until six months ago, my husband was your typical 49-year-old tradesman – a little overweight but he thought himself pretty healthy. He would eat a full pub lunch every day, come home have a couple of cans of beer to wind down, another couple with his dinner of some sort of meat & always with chips & peas, and then have another couple of beers watching TV. Then a severe bout of gout changed all that – he tried everything the doctor could give him but nothing worked. He even stopped drinking for a day or two but that made no difference.

So in his desperate state, I was able to convince him to see Linda. He was very sceptical and the first thing he said to her was I’m not stopping drinking beer – I enjoy it. So Linda listened and instead of saying ” well you have to” – she was astute enough to try a different tact. She told him that if we could control his diet then he could still enjoy a beer – in moderation. So he left – armed with detox power, fish oil & a natural anti-inflammatory. To give him credit – he modified his diet straight away – no red meat -lots of vegetables, no potatoes or white bread & even mid-strength beer.

Now six months later he eats an almost vegetarian diet – except for the occasional chicken, doesn’t eat processed foods, eats only organic vegetables – and he still drinks beer – but the difference is his gout is gone, he has lost 3 kg, sleeps better doesn’t feel bloated & has loads of energy. Linda was brilliant – the difference is she listened & tailored his treatment to suit his lifestyle and not the other way around. She preached moderation and set guidelines and he was able to adapt those to suit him and learn himself what he could eat & the “magic potions” she gave him have helped him to live a healthier lifestyle – and now he is her biggest advocate telling anyone who will listen how she changed his life.

Rita & Garry Buckley*